We’re on a Boat!


Today we came on to island of Kos for an official visit for the Jewish community and for our research project. Kos is a great place if mystery where 2500 years ago Hippocrates sat under a tree near the port and taught the beginnings of medicine and where in the Greek period this island was the site of one of the great healing site, an Asclepion. According to ancient Greek mythology Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing. There is something about the island which made it a center in antiquity for many things. Perhaps it’s proximity to Turkey. It is rumored that Paul the Apostle say under the same Hippocrates tree five centuries after Hippocrates.

So today, July 22 we went in a ferry from Rhodes port to the island of Kos for a bit of healing. 50 of us with the Chief Rabbi of Greece.

Almost 75 years to the day after the Nazis came with a boat to Kos and rounded up all the Jews on the island (100 + Jews) on a single day. We came with survivors and their families for a healing service that included songs, prayers and speeches and the lighting of the six candles. All of the names of the Kos Jews were read-one by one.

This is going to make great documentaries!

Game changing history that our students were involved in excavating and filming!

Lost worlds under a school! Inscriptions, pillars and beautiful rediscovered synagogue art all found because of extensive noninvasive work and excavation!

We are just finishing up the story of Rhodes!







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